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Coopers Mexican Cerveza - adding Kaffir Lime and Tequila Essence

Discussion in 'General Brewing Techniques' started by Mark_Aus, 3/11/18.


  1. Mark_Aus

    New Member

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    Posted 3/11/18
    Hi all

    My apologies in advance for putting another "how to add lime to beer" post which seems abundant in searches but I am still a little confused as to what would be best even after spending ages reading up on it.

    Im newish to brewing only having done a handful of different kits with good results and I am going to attempt a Desperado clone but still going back and forth with how to add lemon zest (or kaffir lime leaves as I will be using) into the brew and at what stage.

    It seems most people either add lime zest 5 mins at the end of the boil, flameout or with a vodka tincture and using a secondary. But is it possible to add the ingredients into the primary?

    I do have a recipe which uses the Cerveza kit as normal and then boils up some lime cordial for 10 mins then added to the secondary with the essence but I also have a similar recipe for a different beer but uses lemon myrtle leaves which is then added 5 or 6 days after into the primary.

    My initial thought even before reading a recipe was to make the kit, let it finish fermenting then boil up the leaves, let it cool and then add to a secondary with the essence and leave for I dunno, 2 or 3 days maybe? then bottle.

    But I do only have 1 fermenter right now so I am more than happy if I can do it all in a single sitting. My local beer guy is selling some decent fermenters at the moment so it wouldn't be a problem getting another one if thats the best way to really get a good aroma and flavor from both the lime and tequila

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