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Coopers Heritage Lager.

Made as per the can recipee with 1.5 kg of Coopers liquid light malt - coopers yeast - racked for 2 weeks - no dry hopping.

Colour - very dark/brown for a lager.
Aroma - has some hop aroma - probably Pride of Ringwood.
Bitterness - has some hop bitterness.
Finish - fairly clean and crisp.

Conclusion -
I feel it tastes to heavy for a lager. It is a nice rounded and balanced beer. However, i was hoping to brew something similar to a Thomas Cooper Lager - this it wasn't. Class this as an aged, Lager taste.

Next time I make this - will use 500gms of light malt and 500gms of Dextrose. This will lighten the colour and lower the malt profile. Will keep everything else the same.

Verdict - Worth a try but dont use 1.5kg of light malt.

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