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Complete Keggerator (minus kegs) - $750

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To free up some space I am letting go of my keggerator. Everything is in pretty good condition.
It has all the major parts, with the exception of kegs, new beer/gas line, and disconnects.
While I am not (yet) selling it as individual parts, here is a breakdown of the items:
  • 500L Chest Freezer - $280
  • 6.8kg CO2 Cylinder - $230
  • Taps - $180
  • Regulator - $40
  • Temp Controller - $20
A few extra comments:
  • The freezer can fit 7 x 19L kegs, and 1 x half keg (on the shelf). The keg in the image is for size demonstration purposes only and is not included.
  • The CO2 cylinder I recently filled. I'm guessing about 1/2 - 3/4 full.
  • The taps would need a clean. Possibly a disassemble to do so.
  • I built a timber sleeve around the top for the taps.
  • The lid is not attached on hinges. I typically have just lifted it off when needed.
  • Comes with the lid's hinges if you wanted to put the lid back on, and the two basket inserts.
  • I turned the freezer off this morning and gave it a clean, so everything is in working condition.
I am currently asking $750 for the lot.
Pickup is from Forest Lake in south-west Brisbane.
Send me a DM if interested.
I'll take expressions of interest in the order I receive them.