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Sorry about the blank post - Damn tab key!

Having just drunk my first force carbonated Tap - a - draft bee, I am hooked on force carbonation. The problem with TAD is that you have to have the tap connected to the bottle to carbonate. i want to place a shcraeder valve in the lid of all of my bottles, and carbonate from a soda stream bottle. that way I dont have to wait for a week between drinking bottles (that is the time that it takes to carbonate at 15psi). i can pre-carbonate, and switch the dispensing tap between bottles as soon as they empty.

I wish to set up a soda stream co2 bottle, and need advice as to what reglator to purchase. I dont see the need for a dual dial regulator, as all I want to do is be able to vary between 10 and say 30 psi. Every online brew shop seems to have a rolls-royce version that exceeds my requirements. i noticed that there are a number of brewers out there who have the more basic regulator (mainly associated with party keg systems). Could anyone advise me as to where I should look for something of this ilk please.

Also, if there are any fiddly conversion bits that are required to get the soda stream to attach properly (read safetly) to the regulator, that info would be appreciated as well.

I intend to upgrade the bottle to a commercial bottle in time, but the way I see it, one small step at a time.

Thanks in advance,



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Hey mandrakar,

I think you need to check out this thread as it has exactly what you want,
As for the regs, if you can get to Andale they have a dual dial for about $80. If not I think GMK might be able to hook you up (correct me if I'm wrong).

Jye :D

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