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As a b/day present I got given a Brigalow Cider kit which I made up as a simple 'kit & kilo'. Temps when brewing were kept at what I thought was reasonable, about 18C to 22C.

I had my first taste the other day with mixed results. There was this taste I couldn't identify (and didn't like) and was curious if anyone else knows what it is. Its going to be difficult to explain a taste with text, but if you can, bear with me...

The taste was like fermented fruit. :huh: Yeah I know thats what cider is, but this was a little like biting into an apple which had been stored too long or slightly bruised. Well I think thats the best description I can do, sorry.

I'm curious if this taste is expected for kit cider, or is it due to a brewing flaw (ie too high temps causing esters). Are kit ciders improved by additions (eg using apple juice for fermentables as well as dextrose)? Are kits best left alone? Can anyone recommend a recipe?

Any thoughts appreciated.

PS The kit did have a sacchrin/aspatem (sp?) like aftertaste which was distinct from what I was tasting.

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