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G'day All

Been lurking on this site for a long while trying to educate myself. Located amongst the wineries of Murrumbateman I have decided to stop procrastinating and take a dive into the deep end. I have done a couple of mash brews with my son and through You Brew It when they were about and a few tinned worts over the years. I am in the process of building the outdoor bar/entertainment area and have just set up a second hand 4 tap keezer. I am a member of the Reschs Appreciation Society, but have a fairly broad beer palate. I'm keen to learn and would love to try an recreate some of the original Australian beers to see if I cotton on to something from the past that I love or to know exactly why they are no longer in existence.

In the meantime I have Tumut River Brewing Co wort ready to brew over christmas while I wait to set up the all grain side of the house. Because I am impatient and want to try out the new toy I am off to Laggan to fill a couple of 19 litre kegs with some of their brew as a starter.

Enough from me - I look forward to engaging with you all in more detail once I have the brewing side of the house setup.

Cheers Jolls

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