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Cheap Fridge & Brew books, MELB,

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Glenorchy, TAS
Must go next weekend, pickup only from Brunswick. Can pick up sat, sun or monday.

Fridge is ~20 years old, hold 2 kegs or one fermenter/cube. Works well as a fridge and freezer (my current food fridge), would work with temp control as well.

Brew books are in melbourne, I'm in hobart so I can't check but from memory how to brew, designing great beers and brewing classic styles are included along with breware, progressive winemaking and a couple of others.

$50 the lot, (fridge and books) no splits, no postage, cod but right of refusal for the buyer on inspection. Ie: if you're not happy with the goods after seeing them, there is no obligation to purchase.

Also non brew related - full set of game of thrones novels, paperback, read once - $20

Unopened, unused masters washing extenda line type washing line. No pics but $20 (well over 100 to buy from masters)

Got to get everything cleared by tuesday to help my partner get down here so sorry for the lack of detail (hence the low prices). I'd do free but this might pay for my aiport taxis to and from both homes.

First PM.