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I am interested in Counter flow chillers, can someone please give me the rundown on these, e.g operation, and also, chill times, ie are they faster than the normal cooling coil??, any info would be great fella's. I am currently using a cooling coil, but want to cool my wort faster, and also maybe use a hopback, so am thinking about a CFC. Also, how do you clean it ???. Any info would be much appreciated.


Just a Hoe
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I'd suggest doing a search on the site. There's oodles of info available for C/F chillers.

Can't really help you on their performance etc. I'm in the immersion chiller camp. That said there's plenty of others using C/F chillers who will no doubt give you what you want.

Personally I prefer them over immersion chillers, but I find the general setup, cleaning and a couple of other things a bit of a put off.

1. Not knowing what's left in the coil after using it, which runs the risk of tainting the next brew.

2. If your tap water temp is high, you'll still need something like a pre-chiller to drop your ambient temps. However with cooler tap water they are faster and more efficient on water than immersion chillers.

That said immersion chillers can be pretty good on water too if you prepare in advance and have some ice, metho or salt on hand to make a slurry of water which can be recirculated with a pond pump.

Good luck with your project - :)
Warren -

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When viewing your post, look at the line that says Tools of the Trade Gear and Equipment.

Click on the words Gear and Equipment. This will take you to the Gear and equipment forum.

At the bottom, are some drop down boxes and search field.

In the box that has enter keywords in it, type in the word chiller.

Make sure the box that has the number of days in it has "show all" selected.

Click on Go.

There are heaps of threads there, happy reading and researching.

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