Canadians/aussies Tie For Top Olympic Boozers

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World-class drunks - Canucks, Aussies tie for top Oly boozers

By Sun Media

Faster, higher ... drunker? Canada may not come out on top at the Olympics in Athens but you can rest assured our athletes will turn in a medal performance for boozing.

Based on an informal athlete poll conducted by the Scotsman newspaper, the gold medal for alcohol consumption is split between the Canadians and the Australians.

"The Aussies truly know how to party," says Dick Roth, an American who set a world swimming record in Tokyo in 1964. "The main reason I hung out with them is that their coach didn't mind them drinking beer. It was fun -- lots of drinking."

In winter the Canadians take top spot, not only for exuberance but also because beer companies routinely deliver liquid supplies, sources told the Scotsman.

Edith Thys, an American skier at the Winter Games in Calgary and Albertville, agrees that the partying gold should probably go to the Canadians, but she awards the sexual indiscretion medal to the French.


"They are by far the most promiscuous," Thys told the Scotsman. "But only with each other. "I'm not sure if that's because they wouldn't sleep with anybody else, or because nobody else would sleep with them."

Wild behaviour is nothing new to the Olympic Games, where extraordinary performance has never been limited to the fields of play.

At Albertville, condom machines in the athletes' village had to be refilled every two hours.

And in Sydney the organizers' original order of 70,000 condoms went so fast that they had to order 20,000 more.

Even with the replenishment, the supply was exhausted three days before the end of the competition schedule.

(For the record, athletes who were in Sydney report that the Cuban delegation was the first to use up its allocation.)

Salt Lake City in 2002 went even bigger: 250,000 condoms were handed out, despite the objections of the city's Mormon leadership.

"There's a lot of sex going on. You get a lot of people who are in shape, and, you know, testosterone's up and everybody's attracted to everybody," says Breaux Greer, a Californian who competed in the javelin at the Sydney Games.

"It's not an orgy," says alpine skiing champion, Carrie Sheinberg, "but it is socially vigorous."

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