Bulk Priming With Dark Muscovado Sugar

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i am about to bulk prime and bottle a xmas ale using dark muscovado sugar.

just a question on priming rate/amount as i haven't used muscovado before...

i looked up the profile of dark muscovado:

A hundred grams of dark muscovado, which has the deepest flavor and is most reminiscent of molasses, has about 370 calories, 93 g carbohydrates and 93 g sugar.

so does that mean that 100g of it is 93g sucrose?

the priming calculator i use allows you to choose from DME or sucrose(cane sugar) or glucose/dextrose(corn sugar)

so do i simply choose sucrose and add 7% to the calculated weight to get my amount for dark muscovado?


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sounds about right to me, without a breakdown of the sugars its going to be a little guess work, but adding 7% will probably be ball park.
On the positive side I think you have little chance of of overcarbing, but I would push to the upper limits of where you want to be to allow
for a lower than expected result.
Some one with direct experience maybe be able to add to that but given recent experience bulk priming a stout with dex and dark chocolate, the resultant
carb level was a little under that of the same beer primed with dex to the same adjusted sugar weight.