Bugger (my 1st Ag)

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Trying my first AG today.

Dough in went well. Was having the car serviced up the road and was supposed to start the sparge at 12.05. Car place called to come and get the car, walked up (4km), spoke to them, blah blah, got home, 1.00pm over $300 poorer due to the service and it has to go back in another week for the steering. Receipe called for single step infusion of 60min. Oh well, 120min, 60min, pretty close.....

Started sparge, ran off first runnings, then realised I was was supposed to just drain to under the top of the grain bed before sparging. This was after I ran it all out.....

Had the sparge water in a spare fermenter, transfer tube to the new sparger (deliverd this morning). Went to connect the tubing to the sparger, wrong size. Tried holding in on manually, hot water everywhere. Found a connection and held in, worked OK for a few minutes before the elbow came off, the sparger fell in the mash, and hot water ran all over the floor (carpet)...

Give that a miss I thought. Ran the sparge water through a sieve so not to disturb the grain bed too much. Ran runnings, started to become nice and clear, that's fine (is it?).....

Alot of water still left in the mash tun (is that normal?) Doughed in with 15L (4.6kg grain), sparged 15L, but still water in tun. (???)

Immersion heater didn't show up yesterday, so I now have 4 pots on the stove boiling. Unsure of quantity in each as I just tipped it in without thinking of volume so will have to guess rough proportions for hop additions. As long as the total called for is in the final mix I hope it will be OK when all mixed together in the fermenter (???)

On the bright side, enjoying a nice glass made from a wort kit, and watching Clarke and Gilchrist bat well.

Time for the first hop addition....

Duff. :blink:


Hahahahahah sounds like a typical first full mash :)

Your beer will be fine, mebbe not quite what you wanted but fine.

Jovial Monk


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Beer will probably taste great, now you need to repeat that proceedure with each batch! See you Saturday night

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