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Hi All,

I thought I'd post a quick message about some of the great pubs I visited (and great beers I tasted) on my buck's pub crawl at the Rocks in Sydney.

The goal was to never drink the same beer more than once.

1100 - Fortune of War - JS Pilsner and Blue Tongue Lager
1200 - Orient - JS Porter
1300 - Mercantile - JS Amber
1400 - Harbourview - Tooheys Old and Hahn Premium
1600 - Hero of Waterloo - St. Arnou Pilsner and St. Cloud
1700 - Lord Nelson - Nelson's Blood and Three Sheets
1800 - Lowenbrau Keller - 1L stein of Dunkel
1900 - The Australian - Scharer's Bock

I can't remember much after the Australian. All of the beers were on tap and tasted bloody great.