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(Brisbane) FREE - Bottles, mostly tallies

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Hey all,

I have a heap of bottles to give away as I'm moving house.

All bottles are brown glass unless specified. Various sizes and roughly sorted into two different size groups: small format (330-375mL) and large format (500mL and greater)

2 x milk crates of small format bottles (mostly twist top)

3 x 30L plastic kegs full of small format bottles (mostly crown seal, and approx 60-70 bottles per keg)

2 x 30L plastic kegs full of large format bottles (all crown seal I think, approx 50 bottles per keg)

1 x milk crate of various clear and green bottles of various sizes and combination of crown seal and twist top

All free and all available for pickup ASAP as I'm moving house this Sunday 7th Feb, otherwise they're going in the recycling bin.

Pickup in Paddington QLD


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