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Hi All,

For all those cannular/canners out there I'm organising a bulk buy of 375ml VISY silver classic cans (VISY Web Link)

They are the 202 (standard) cans with the VISY lid/end - if you're using a cannular you'll need one of these chucks (Kegland VISY Chuck Web Link)

Minimum commitment for the Group Buy is 389 cans & lids which is 1 layer of the pallet and will be $95.67 (equates to $0.244 per can & lid)

All of the calculations and to register your name (please add it to the blue section) for the group buy are in the Google Spreadsheet here: Can Bulk Buy Spreadsheet

I'll arrange to collect the pallet from their Brisbane warehouse and we can organise a day for the can collection from my place in Boondall, Northside Brisbane. If there is a Southsider who wants to donate their garage space I'd be happy to drop off the Southsider group's cans here.

You'll need to bring your own box to put them in, I'll be picking up free moving boxes off Facebook marketplace/Gumtree to store mine. (You can buy new boxes from the likes of National Storage etc)



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