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Equipment For Sale Brewpi 1v setup with 110L Blichman

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***For sale complete only***

Can ship to South Coast NSW, Wollongong, Sydney, Newcastle, and Metro Melbourne FOC.

- Blichman 110L vessel with genuie lid, sight gauge, 5500W high quality element and element housing with lead. No leaks. Also has TC 1.5" re-circ fitting
- Stainless enclosure with SSR's, heat sinks, Brewpi and circuit breakers. Professionally designed and built.
- Also including 2 x automated valves that can connect to the Brewpi, and be switched based on temp.
- With some work on an ipad, you can BIAB on this setup in 5 minutes and do 80L batches if desired. I have done 20L on this before and it works but is not ideal - 40L is better.
- Pump with TC fittings
- stainless immersion chiller
- never used plate chiller (some corrosion on outside)
- filter housing with some fittings
- stainless mash paddle
- bag of assorted fittings including LOTS of TC gear.

This is thousands of bucks worth of gear, but I am just keen to move it on. Best offer above $500, and no time wasting please - not too many questions, and no splitting out.

I have a never used glycol chiller going cheap in a seperate listing, and kegs and taps to come!

Have it on Gumtree also.


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