Brewmate Glitch On Installing New Versions

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I'm putting this in Recipes and Ingredients, as there is no Software sub forum for some reason.

When Brewmate announces a new version and I update, all my current recipes are retained, but my ingredients lists get reset to "default" and I lose any ingredients that I have added in the past.

Now here's a funny thing. If I open a recipe from the past that contains a custom ingredient, then it now becomes available in the ingredients list.

Here's a shot of a brand new recipe, choosing a base malt. Then I open an old recipe, this time with BB malt as an ingredient. This now appears in the ingredients pick list.


On going back to start the brand new recipe, the BB has obviously been re-instated in the pick list. So to retrieve my former pick list I need to reopen every past recipe?


Maybe a wee txt file isn't being saved somewhere when we update ?? I haven't noticed this problem in the past, just now as I'm getting back into brewing and recently upgraded my BM.

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