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Sidney Harbour-Bridge

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Mashing a Hefeweizen just now and sampling a few beers a mate dropped off yesterday.

First beer, Balter hazy IPA.

Excellent flavor, just like it says on the tin, the thought that occurred to me is it tasted less like beer and more like a fizzy cordial, though with a dryer finish. Loved the taste, probably not an everyday beer for me.

Next beer, Gage roads single fin summer ale.

Just what a summer ale should be like to me, just enough body, not overbearing in any way, enigma hop seems to complement galaxy nicely and a nice clean finish. Definitely could drink several of these in a row.

Third beer, said mate's first all grain beer, Sierra Nevada clone using the recipe from their web site with additional cascade dry hops.

We did this one together using the BIAB method which I had never done before, unfortunately we had guessed the efficiency at 75% but ended up with about 82% so the finished beer is a bit stronger than intended, at 7% ABV. Due to the time we spent raising the temp from step to step (54, 68 and 77 deg C) we ended up with a much more fermentable wort, which attenuated 81% giving it a dryer finish than we were aiming for also due to the higher gravity bitterness is noticeably less than the real thing.

I think it is a spectacular first AG brew and extremely drinkable, only thing I don't like about it is the high alcohol content as it is too much for a beer I would like to drink more than a couple of.

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