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Pat Casey

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Doing a brewing demo this Sunday, 31st Oct, 10 am at Blue Mountains Brewing Supplies. It will be an English style pale ale - half grain, half malt extract.

The method is to mash about 2 kg of malt in about 14 litres of water, collect the sweet wort, boil and hop it. It is then cooled, added to the fermenter with a 1.5 kg tin of malt extract and 10 or so litres of chilled water. Takes about 3 hours from mashing in to pitching. This method is a lot easier than a full volume boil malt extract and specialty grain beer, it also gives a much better beer.

You can also do an all grain mild with this method - up the grain to about 3 kg and omit the malt extract.

The demo is of course free, simply turn up. The shop is easy to find - about 60 metres from the Great Western Highway. It takes about 45 minutes from Parramatta.


Blue Mountains Brewing Supplies,
Shop 2, 7 St Georges Cr, Faulconbridge, NSW
(02) 4751-4292

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