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Brew Wild - Sour & Wild Ferment Homebrew Competition - Sydney 2019

Discussion in 'Competitions & Results' started by BrewWild, 9/2/19.


  1. BrewWild

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    Posted 9/2/19
    Brew Wild - Sour & Wild Ferment Homebrew Competition - 27th July Sydney 2019

    We are looking forward to bringing a new Homebrew competition to Sydney in 2019. Brew Wild will be a BJCP recognised Homebrew competition that focuses exclusively on Sour and Wild fermented beer styles.

    We are believers that there is some excellent sour and wild ales being brewed, fermented and drank behind closed doors so we are looking forward to see what you have got and to give these beers a stage of their own.

    It is early days with still work to do but we are aiming to provide something more than just a sour and wild fermented Homebrew competition if we can. More details will follow so stayed tuned.

    We are also looking for judges and stewards, so if you are interested please complete the this form or click the link on competition details page of the brew wild website.

    The competition is currently capped at 60 entries, so if you are interested don't delay too long before submitting an entry form.

    What you would do next is,
    1. Sick the date in your diary
    2. Bookmark the brewwild website
    3. Check out the categories and styles of beers you can enter
    4. Design and brew you beers
    5. Check back on the brewwild page regularly for updates.

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