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Discussion in 'Competitions & Results' started by BrewWild, 10/11/19.


  1. BrewWild


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    Posted 10/11/19
    Advanced Notice - Brew Wild 2020 - July/August 2020

    I thought I would get the word out early so you all have more time to get some longer ferments going in time.
    Next years competition will have;
    More entries - We are increasing the entry limit to 120 entries
    More categories - We are splitting some of the group categories into categories of their own and we are also including 2 new categories; Spontaneously Fermented beers and Australian Wild ales. For more information check out the site.
    More space - We are looking at a larger venue in Sydney for a bigger results party.
    More prizes - It is early days but we have some exciting new irons in the fire from sponsorship.
    More speakers - Again its early in the process but we have some more experts and professionals interested in sharing their knowledge with us all
    More surprises - We want to keep this competition fun and novel as long as we can and we are not quite at the bottom of the creative barrel yet.

    So get planning, brewing and ageing now.

    Also if you are interested you can check out some of the pictures from last years results party event on the website.
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