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Hey guys

Long time lurker but first time poster (so please don't be too cynical about my first post being about flogging something!).

Due to a massive balls up by Grays Online I am now in possession of a brand new 30 litre Birko urn, instead of the 40 litre one I successfully bid for. This isn't really what I was looking for to get me going on proper BIAB so instead of trekking across the city to return it I thought I'd see if anyone here was in need of it.

Obviously the 40 litre model is the standard for full batch BIAB, but the 30L may serve a purpose as a HLT or if you prefer doing smaller batches or maxi BIAB. Or perhaps if you like to drink lots of tea or coffee.

Asking $200 (normal retail appears to be closer to $300) and as I said it is brand new, still in the box etc. I'm based in Melbourne so can arrange for pick up in inner North or North East suburbs. Could possibly do a drop off somewhere in between as well.


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