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Bowie sells a chest freezer

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bowie in space

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I think this is the last bit of gear I have.

It's a Fisher and Paykel 164L chest freezer, model H160. I bought it brand new about two years ago and runs like a dream. It's in great condition and was going to be converted into a keg freezer.

Asking $200

I had my heart set in one of these last year and bought a new one. Fits 4 kegs with a collar, perfect trade of between capacity and footprint.

Best wishes to the buyer.

I'm enjoying the naming of your threads Space Bowie.
Although I'm still waiting for "Bowie sells his astro turf".
But I guess if you were really bowie you would have smoked it all...
Looks similar to mine.
2 kegs without modifications, 4 kegs with a collar.
Bump! Further price drop to $150.

Last chance for AHB'ers before I put it on Gumtree.
These make great fermentation chambers.
treefiddy said:
I really can't believe it took so long to sell. Great price.
Yer I know. I paid a lot more for my 2!
Paid for and picked up.

Cheers Cam and thanks to all who bought brewing gear from me. Everything has sold.

I'm sure I'll pop up on the forum from time to time and when I've had enough of the withdrawal symptoms I'm sure I'll take it all up again.

It's been fun,

Until then,

Cheers mate, looking forward to slants thanks to the pressure cooker and accessories you threw in.

All the best


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