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Bottling a lager.

Discussion in 'General Brewing Techniques' started by Diddlez, 12/1/19 at 7:09 AM.


  1. Diddlez


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    Posted 12/1/19 at 7:09 AM
    So for anyone interested in the process of bottling lagers. After reading the heavily opinionated and conflicting processes on the net and various forums, mine is essentially finished, and turned out amazing ( imo )

    Is an all grain Czech Pilsner.

    So I brewed it in the robobrew, fermented it for 3 weeks, and lagered it in the same primary fermenter for 3 weeks. Bottled it. Put a small stubby in the fridge for a day to trytry af a week of carbing at room temp, and tastes really good. Clean crisp, nice Hoppy aroma and flavour ( used extra saaz ) no off flavours.

    I've put about a dozen Long necks in the fridge to " bottle condition " over the next couple of weeks. I guess they are still relatively green as the one I tried was carbed at room temp for a week then poured after being in the fridge for a day. I'm assuming they'll get better as they bottle condition at cold temp.

    That's just an FYI on a process of bottling lagers that worked for me if anyone else is not 100% sure on the process.

    No need to rack to a secondary to lager in my experience. Maybe if you lager for longer ( like 3 months + but even then I wouldn't bother ).

    Also on a side note would I get any benefit from aging a cherry kettle sour. They've been bottled for about 2 weeks and I've been destroying them as I made a big batch because it's only 2.7ish%. I used 2 kg of cherrys and 1 Litre of cherry juice if that matters.

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