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First things first- long time stalker, first time poster. I've made over 70 brews but this one has me totally stumped. Need a bit of advice. Made an AG stout. Spent 12 days in fv and now 1 week in the bottles. They're not hardening at all. Still soft. OG 1.050 and FG 1.018. Used wyeast Scottish Ale Yeast. The weird thing is it showed no visible sign of fermentation (20 deg). Nothing. The only reason I knew it was working was from hydro readings. Here's where it gets weird - the final bottle was only half full of wort when bottling so I topped up with water (just as an experiment)and that bottle is hard as a rock. I definitely all bottles. I'm thinking of opening and throwing a bit more yeast in to carbonate. Question is how many of those little tiny pieces of yeast per bottle or am I better to mix with water and put a few drops in each? Thanks in advance

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