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Bore water

Discussion in 'General Brewing Techniques' started by DrJez, 8/12/18.


  1. DrJez

    Well-Known Member

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    Posted 8/12/18
    Hey all

    I've recently moved from city to groundwater. I haven't had it tested yet, but know it has lots of calcium because sprinklers hitting the car have left white scale

    I've done 3 brews so far, all of which taste "soft". Just like our water does, it tastes soft, like, not sharp like our normal tap water is the only way I can describe it. It tastes very much like nothing

    All beers (pils, wheat and pale) have the same mouthfeel, soft and seem to lack the sense of normal bright carbonation. They're carbed ok but the soft mouthfeel tricks your senses

    I tried adding 12gms gypsum to the pale but it didn't seem to sharpen anything up

    Before getting tested (not sure I want to part with the cash anytime soon) what's my water likely to be? High ph? High in calcium chloride? Low/high in sulphates?
  2. Dozer71

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    Central Vic
    Posted 8/12/18
    Groundwater quality varies greatly and is dependent on the geological formation of the area. I know in Victoria there is a vicwater database online which lists water quality of groundwater from monitored bores. Unsure if other states have anything similar. Your council or local water authority may have some idea on the groundwater quality. If none of these options work, then just have to get it tested.

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