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Uh, Detective Parson, madam.
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Marvellous Margate. Qld, that is !!
Heres a book review I just came across.

Bulk Buy ?????

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Approach anxiety? Low energy levels? Little to no motivation to go out and talk to women?

Excessive pornography use can lead to depression, social anxiety, low energy levels, procrastination, and unrealistic expectations towards women! Learn how to gain an edge in dating by harnessing your sexual energy.

Steve watches porn every day after he gets back from work. He rarely ever goes out on weekends because he would rather watch porn at home than meet women. After all, he can't get rejected at home! He also has an infinite selection of women to choose from. However, Steve has noticed that most of the time he's tired, and that he can barely look at someone in the eye, especially after a long porn session. Steve mumbles and stutters when talking to people after these sessions.

Steve has fallen into the trap of excessive porn use, where he has replaced social interaction with a computer monitor. He does not know that watching porn is considered by some prominent psychologists to be "visual heroin"! What porn does is that it reinforces your brain's reward center to release a pleasureable drug called dopamine when watching porn, and so many men have conditioned themselves to have their brain reward them for watching porn that REAL WOMEN no longer excite them! And if a porn user stops watching porn, they will soon experience withdrawal symptoms that are similar to just about any habitual drug user! So they end up preferring a tiny image of a girl on a computer screen instead of a real woman. Talk about pathetic.

My name is Jack Johnson, and I'm going to suggest to you that eliminating porn and excessive masturbation from your life can EXPLODE your dating life! My book, "Kill Your Porn & Masturbation Habit" explains just how to do that, in a step by step process, as well as giving you an in-depth education on the mechanics behind porn and masturbation, and specific guidelines on what you need to do to DESTROY this negative habit, and start living your life as the confident MAN that is inside of you, instead of being the pathetic schlub who sits by the computer rubbing himself to satisfaction to a tiny picture of a girl.

Think about how you feel after watching porn and masturbating. Do you feel energized, ready to go out and meet real women? How do you interact with women after looking at pornography? Are you sharper, or duller in your interactions?

After struggling with porn and excessive masturbation for YEARS, I decided that enough was enough, and that I would solve my "problem" at ALL COSTS. I've developed a few techniques that I would like to share with you, absolutely FREE!

DELETE your porn collection. Completely. Or, if you can't bear to do that, back it up to some kind of portable media device and put it somewhere difficult to get to. Install software that BLOCKS pornography sites. I prefer K9 Web Protection, it also keeps me off time wasting sites like and

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Go without porn for SEVEN DAYS!

Seven days. Can you do that? How about longer? Imagine what you can do with your time in seven days if you stopped looking at porn. How would you feel? Do you think you would be MOTIVATED to get OUT and meet some women? I sure hope so.

After I did my seven day challenge, I could not believe how easy it was for me to approach women. Hell, after onle FIVE days I was motivated to meet women! But I couldn't do it all by myself; I realized that I needed some help. From what I learned, I put together the most comprehensive, detailed, and clear product on the subject with my eBook, "Kill Your Porn & Masturbation Habit".

So, why should you stop masturbating to porn?

Your body is under enormous stress when it creates sperm. The process of creating sperm, called spermatogenesis, takes about 64 days! This whole time, your body is collecting the raw materials and protiens required to create sperm, and your testes manufacture the "final product". So if you constantly release sperm, your body will have to take nutrients away from your other organs in order to maintain equilibrium! This is why you feel tired in the days following ejaculation: your body is calling for and transporting the nutrients that are needed to create sperm.

Remember in science class when you saw the shape of a sperm cell? There is a high RPM biological motor in every sperm cell, and every sperm cell also contains a set of DNA for transferring genes with the female egg. The point of this is that it takes quite a few nutrients to assemble sperm!

So what does this have to do with quitting porn? If you quit porn, the temptation to masturbate will go down a few degrees. You see, our brains were not wired for the constant stimulation that internet porn provides. Quitting pornography also will free up your time to do something way more productive.

How much time have you wasted watching porn this month? This YEAR? What could you do if you had a few extra hours every month?

If you want to get this area of your life finally handled and start living your life to its full potential, download the "Kill Your Porn & Masturbation Habit" eBook to get all of the latest tips, tricks, and techniques to gain an edge in dating, and bypass a habit that limits MOST other men out there!

Price: $9.97


Who's up for a pint?
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Bah. Those 2 websites mentioned in his marketing having nothing to do with porn, how dissapointing that search was. Oh well back being the pathetic schlub who sits by the computer rubbing himself to satisfaction to fantasti.