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Firstly I'd like to just let everyone know that am I alive an well :D I haven't been updating much due to work comitments but I hope to make some changes in the next couple of weeks.

I will be updating the forum version shortly. Due to the large number of mods on the board, I will install a 'test' forum where I can play and make sure everything is working properly and then once I am happy I can make the switch. I will give a closer update on when the switch will happen so everyone is aware (not that there should be much downtime).

Although opened a little while ago the Country Brewer have opened up their own forums. The more the merrier I say - so make sure you sign up and check it out.

Due to the lack of site news (and it really is boring news anyway) I will be re-thinking the layout of the site (hopefully this will co-incide with the forum update). So any suggestions, advice are more than welcome. I think there needs to be more forum threads, beer news/stories, etc rather than my boring site ramblings.

Anyway, thank you to everyone for visiting frequently and spread the word!!

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