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Blood Orange Dark Farmhouse Saison

Discussion in 'All Grain Brewing' started by Judanero, 28/7/19.


  1. Judanero

    Yeast maketh the beer.

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    Posted 28/7/19
    Long shot here, but I used to have a Blood Orange Dark farmhouse Saison recipe (99% sure supplied by Shawn Sherlock somewhere online), but I can't find it anywhere on my laptop and suspect it was lost in the great hard drive crash of 2016.

    I have an altered hard copy where I'd omitted the blood oranges but wondering if anyone has either a link or copy of the original recipe as I am just about to come into possession of a bunch of blood oranges from a mate.

    Here's what I have in my old notebook:

    23L batch

    4.6 kg Way Pils
    1kg Malted Wheat
    1kg Flaked Wheat
    400g Brown sugar
    60g Chocolate Wheat

    Mash in 54c, 66c for 90, 78c mashout

    35g Pacifica @ 60
    25g Pacifica @ 5

    2x Belle Saison

    Ferment at 20c for 24hrs, add sugar after 48hrs raise temp 1c per day until 26c, hold 3 ds then 1c per day until 28c.

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