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P&O seem to be having a few difficulties with their boats in the last few years <_<


P&O Screws up again


PASSENGERS on the stricken liner Aurora beat boredom by sinking oceans of free booze.

Owners P&O gave away drinks and grub to 1,300 holidaymakers as the ship was stranded off Southampton.

Passengers staggered to the bars to make the most of it before the world cruise was cancelled after 12 days of misery.

During the trip they glugged 12,626 bottles of wine and champagne another 12,843 beers, 1,246 bottles of spirits and around 9,800 cocktails.

The aborted cruise cost P&O 22million in total and hundreds of thousands of that went on free alcohol.

The voyage was due to take in 23 countries in 104 days but never got much further than the Isle of Wight because the 110million ship was plagued with engine trouble.

Shattered passengers finally disembarked yesterday.

Retired Mary Baldwin, 67, of London, said: Lots of people had far too much to drink. It was terrible to see people having so much.

It made you ashamed to be British. One woman asked for a glass of Bollinger champagne.

They told her they didnt serve it by the glass so she said, Right Ill have a bottle then.

Passengers who paid up to 42,000 for the trip are to receive a full refund.

A spokesman said P&O cancelled the annual staff party in Southampton last night because it was inappropriate.

Leftover food from the cruise is being given to charity.

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