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I have made quite a few extract beers now and for no apparent reason 2 of them, (one was a Morgans Aust. Old, brewed great no probs, and the other a ESB 3kg Extra Special Stout, same again great brew) i had this problem with them.
When i first pour them into the glass the first little bit froths right up the glass so the only way i can control em is to tip that dribble out with all the foam and then pour the rest in very slowly. But the funny thing is the ESB was only primed with 120grams of dex for 21 litres, but once i get in in the glass it tastes great, very low carb as expected. Why is this so? Has anyone else had this happen? i have done other stouts that have been fine.
I dont understand.
ps. i also use those glasses with the frosting on the bottom so they don't help the situation but even with a std glass it is still very violent when it first hits the glass. I have also washed my glassess in many different way and that make no diff.


Iron Wolf Brewery
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I had a brew like that. It made me swear off WLP002. Although the problem was probably bottling before complete attenuation.

Another solution I have found is to decant the beer before pouring into a glass. ie- pour the bottle out into a large jug, wait 10 mins or so for the head to subside then pour into glasses. I also tried just resting in the bottle after pulling the cap, but the foaming caused the yeast to be stirred up and served a cloudy beer.

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