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As i have now purchased a digiboil 35l for doing BIAB. I no chill and have seen a couple of you tube clips of a where they use a 35l digiboil biab and leave it cool over night in the boiler. It is covered with glad wrap and the lid put on. This person then transfer the following day. I do have cubes for chilling. Also looking to buy a little brown pump for recirculation but not sure where to buy. The video clip are australian.


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Its best practice to get off the hot break as soon as possible! To leave the hot break (trub) in the kettle and get your wort into a cube (or cooled down and into the fermenter) ASAP.

Sure there are plenty of alternatives, if you doubt that go look at Brülosophy, according to them nothing matters.
An alternative perspective is that brewing is a natural process that people have been engaging in for at least 10,000 years. Each step in the process all the way back to the type of barley you plant matters - but each matters incrementally. There are places in the process where you can (and we all do) cut corners. It’s a bit of a question of how many corners you can cut off a square before it starts to look more like a circle.
Or in brewing terms you start not getting what you want.
I have always said there are very few "Right" answers in brewing, a few “Wrong" answers and lots of "Maybe's"
Most decisions are a compromise but try and stick to what we know works - that’s usually the same old way people have been doing it for a long time - because it works.