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Transport is great in Belgium, as long as you dont mind picking up a phone.
Most town centers will rent you a bike (Electric powered for $5!!).

Whats more important is checking what times and dates everything is open, as they vary. In otrher words, your whole trip is going to be managed around getting to Pipaix on the last Saturday of the month for Brasserie de Vapeur. (Which in turn is a short bike ride from Dubuisson and Dupont?)

Visiting Westvleteven? Stay at the St Sixtus guest house (awesome place), do their brewery tour, get saucy then go for a lovely ride to Westvleteven through the barley and hop fields. Takes about 45 mins each way but is bloody awesome.

I did a similiar route myself and managed to clock in probably 20 breweries in 2 weeks.

There are alot of awesome top of the tier breweries that are in between the main trappist areas. Travelling yourself gives you the option to jump off the train and explore.

A few phone calls to breweries will open up some free, great experiences with many a brewer and many a pint.

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