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Belgian Bier de Garde

Discussion in 'General Recipe Discussion' started by Chris79, 7/1/18.


  1. Chris79

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    Northmead, NSW
    Posted 7/1/18
    Hey All

    I'm looking to brew a Bier De Garde (Amber) in the next few weeks. I'll be using my Wyeasy 3522 (that' be it's third use), and some French Aramis hops from Brewman - they smell/taste delicious, as I just used them in my Belgian Golden Ale (which I've just had a few of).

    So I want to brew the Amber version of Bier De Garde. Attached you'll see my recipe made in Brewman's BrewBuilder. The feedback I'm after, is both the recipe as a whole, and what colour I should be targeting? I understand why Beersmith says it'll be about 8%, and BrewBuilder says it'll be about 7%.

    On another note, I've added up the EBC for this recipe in Beersmith and it equals 33-34. But the general status where it is OG/ IBU's / Colour list says it's 15. Anyone have any ideas on that?

    Ps, and the actual boil size will be about 29 litre, don't know why it says 14.

    Thanks for your feedback guys!


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