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Even if I wanted to, I'm sure my wife wouldn't go for this.


Beer can insulation
Publish Date : 11/20/2004 10:54:00 AM Source : Team

A Russian man who collects beer cans has turned his collection to practical use.

He is using them as insulation after his wife told him: "Either the cans go or I do", reports Pravda.

Anatoly Tupitsin, from Davidovka, said: "I suppose she was right, every room was full of cans and there was not much space for us.

"But now I have solved the problem by using them to cover the walls of the house and they have proved excellent insulation."

He says the idea had worked so well that he is now trawling bars and clubs every night to collect more and more cans.

Mr Tupitsin added: "My wife Ekaterina first came up with the idea and when she said it I thought she was being silly, but then I found out it really did work and the cans insulate the house and even keep out drafts.

"Bars and clubs and similar places are the perfect source for my construction material. It has become a lot warmer in the house: Aluminium is capable of holding warmth even when it is freezing outside."

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