Been Awhile , but wanting to get back into homebrewing

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Michael eade

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Bacchus Marsh
Gday All

been awhile since i last homebrewed would nearly say 10 odd years ago and imagine a hell of alot has changes since then with equipent etc

i have been looking at either getting

grainfather or robobrew system

I am thinking more on grainfather due to where the control box is situated as i wont need to bend down as i would be brewing at floor level or on some wooden box
I also like on the grain father that it has bluetooth and you do everything by computer or mobile phone bluetooth

Robo brew i like the looks of it, however with my aching back and my Knee caps not wanting to be bent down or rested on , i dont like where the Control box is situated for brewing at floor level and i am not sure my good partner wants to be doing this for me

Now for price i know grain father is a higher premium but for less i can get the 65litre robobrew system for less...

If i was to go the robo brew 65 litre i may consider even getting the 35 litre robo brew as well as my thoughts you could use one for heating sparge water and vice versa yep i know can be a bit of an over kill

I am thinking of getting 2-4 fermenters 30litre so i can have a couple of batches on the go at any given time and have a couple spare for secondry fermentation etc

but i am also thinking of getting a fermzilla

also looking at getting some cubes so i can use the no chill method

if you was to basicly start again after awhile what would you look at buying between the robo brew and grainfather as well as fermenting?

Cheers and beers