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A travel warning if your are heading to Zimbabwea.


Killed for failing to buy beer

FAILING to buy your pals a beer can kill.

A Zimbabwean man from the small town of Chinhoyi tragically learnt of this rather late as his two friends hacked him to death because he had allegedly failed to buy a round of beer.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Paul Nyathi told the privately owned Daily Mirror newspaper that Tendai Dzarira, 20, was assaulted with logs on the head and all over the body until he fell into a coma.

The victim was seriously assaulted and he fell unconscious before he was ferried to Chinhoyi General Hospital where upon arrival was transferred to Harare Hospital. Unfortunately, the victim died on the way to Harare, Nyathi said.

Two men were assisting with police enquiries, he said.

We arrested two suspects whom the victim was drinking beer with. We identified them as Mutepfura, 19, and Musanhu, 24, of Magogi Farm in Chinhoyi.

Nyathi said on the fateful day, Mutepfura and Musanhu teamed up with Dzarira and went for a beer-drink at Magogi Farm.

At around 9 pm, the two had a misunderstanding with Dzarira, whom they accused of drinking their beer without buying some for them in return.

The Mirror said Nyathi had issued an impassioned plea to members of the public to desist from violence.

Members of the public should desist from public violence and are urged to take their stuff peacefully. Police will not hesitate to arrest those caught on the wrong side of the law, he warned.

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I have been in many a pub where that happens regularly on a friday night.... :ph34r:

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