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Pacific Brewing had a brand name called Jads attached to it. They used to manufacture 1.5kg cans of draught and pilsener (among others) as well as a ginger beer. The formulations are the same as the gold rush equivalents.

I bought a case (6 tins) at a stupidly cheap price and after a few beers decided to see how "big" I could make a beer. , It picked up a first at Bathurst show this year in the strong ale category at 7 months old. To my taste it is still a little green even though it has been bottled since 21/08/2001


6 Tins jads pilsener 1.5kg
40g 12.8% super alpha
45g 6.8% Hallertau
15l spring water (my tap water was running brown at the time)
6 sachets Mauri 497
1 sachet Lalvin ec1118


Boil all the hops in 4 litres of water for 1 hour with
Add the concentrate to the fermenter with the hot water and remainder of spring water.
Pitch 6 sachets lager yeast.
When gravity settles at about 1.050 add ec1118 to wort.
Bulk prime with 180g Dextrose


Really complex beers seem to need LOTS of time to hit their peak, There are stories of this style being brewed by a father when a daughter was first serve at her wedding.

This beer tastes like the essence of beer...extremely bitter *and* extremely malty at the same time. Flavours MUST be balanced.

OG 1.111
FG 1.039
20 litres
alcohol approx 10.3%


Rainybrew :chug:


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thanks for the recipe ( also thanks to pmyers)
will try out when i get the chance , what temp did you ferm at and how long did it take to complete ferm approx?



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I did a similar brew two yrs ago ,

1.7 kg Muntons yorkshire bitter
3 kg amber malt
1 kg dme
1kg dextrose
500g maltodextrin
150g crystal malt
250 g chocolate malt
goldings and fuggles hops (can't remember how much but it was heaps,approx 140g i guess)

I used a white labs belgian strong ale yeast mixed with an irish ale yeast and dry beer enzymes (not too much of these) .
About 10 -14 % abv i think, sure tastes that way (real nice mouth warming malty taste) .

This came about because i was going on holidays so i used up all the stuff i had lying around.
I primary fermented for a week racked it into a carboy and went away for 2 1/2 mths .
when i came back i thought i'd leave it , so i did for another 3 mths @ 15c.
Then when i'd collected enough stubbies i booteled the lot 20lts with minimal priming.
2 yrs on it's kickin ass another 2 and it'll be even better i reckon.
I can't tell the og because it went over my hydrometers limits ( 1. something incredible)
The fg was 1025 (thanks to the long secondary and the enzymes).
I get this one out when friends ask about strong beers
I bottled some in 250ml stubs and some in 375ml.
250 is usually enough though.

I'm all grain now and i sometimes think of doing another really high grav beer but i'd have probs mashing/lautering 12-13 kgs of grain to get the gravity up high enough.
this is one advantage of extracts i guess.



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Strong Scotch Ale

Brewed in Sep 2000 after my success in finishing first in ACT State Championships and second in the Australian Nationals I went for a lighter, easier drinking, less alcoholic version of a Barley Wine something closer to a Scotch Ale.

Muntons Barley Wine x 2
500gms of Dark Brown Sugar
2kg of Amber Malt
7 tbl spoons of Cascade hop pellets
1 teaspoon of yeast extract.
All materials supplied by Bro Shoppe of course

Boil in a large saucepan 6 litres of water with 6 tbl spoons of cascade hop pellets, malt and brown sugar for 10 mins at a rolling boil.
Let stand for a further 10 mins in saucepan.
Add both cans to sterilised fermenter. Add contents of saucepan to fermenter dont strain.
Stir vigorously adding yeast nutrient then add cold water to 28 litres.
Make a yeast starter with yeast supplied with one can.
After 10 mins, pitch yeast starter into fermenter after checking that yeast is multiplying and OK.
Rack after 10 days dry hop with one table spoon of Cascade pellets heated with just boiled water for a couple of mins prior to pitching into fermenter dont mix/stir in.
Let stand for a further 10 days and then place in the fridge ( as in Lagering) for 2 days, and then bottle.
I bottle with the beer still cold within half an hour after taking the fermenter out of the fridge.
I find this helps greatly to reduce the cloudiness of the finished beer and keeps the frothing down during bottling.
Note: it takes longer to bottle condition as in to get enough gas into the beer because the beer is cold when bottled.
Recommended that this beer be left for a up to a year to bottle condition and allow the caramel malt flavour to develop properly. I find it hard to leave beer for this long.
Taste monthly purely for quality control I tell my wife that anyway.

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