Bardon, Brisbane - Seeking help re Fridge Hole Drilling, etc

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So I'm just going to set my gear up on the verandah on the top our BBQ. I was hoping someone would want to come and help me set it up - I don't have many tools. I will need to drill some holes to attach my March pump and control panel to the BBQ's metal frame, but I have no drill! It would also be good to have someone check I've connected everything properly.

If I don't end up driving back to Mackay for Easter, I'd be looking to do it then. If I do drive home, then I'd be able to bring my fermenters, keg fridge and other bits & pieces down (more space this time) and I'd be looking to set it up the weekend after Easter.

Let me know if your someone with the time, a drill and a little know-how when it comes to 3-vessel setups.


Sorry, forgot to mention I live in Bardon (near Paddington), Brisbane.

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