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I'm fairly new to brewing (4 or so kits - moderate success but no complete failures so far) and this is my first post to AHB. Hello!

On Friday night I put down a Morgan's Blue Mountain Larger kit with a "Brewer's Choice" pre-mixed dextrose/malt/maltodextrin 1kg bag. The OG was 1036. Instead of using the yeast that came with the kit I decieded to try some Nottingham Brewing Yeast, which I activated according to the instructions.

When I checked it yesterday and today (Sunday), there was a yellow (yeast coloured) scum forming on the bubbles on top of the wort. Also the brew is cloudy and lighter in colour than i expected. So yesterday, I gave the fermenter a bit of a shake.

Apart from the scum and the colour, everything else is normal. There's no bad smell and it is bubbling along nicely - dropping to a SP of 1024 today (1030 yesterday).

Anyway, I'd like to know if this is normal or all wrong and if so, what I've done to cause it?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi unknown imposter

I believe you are an imposter as I distinctly remember SPG ascending to heaven after being involved in a car accident.

The yellow scum sounds pretty much like a normal yeast krausen, the cloudiness sounds like the yeast at work in the brew, so I dont see anything to worry about.

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