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As announced at the January meeting, the style for this year's BABBs Mash Paddle competition is American Brown Ale. The winner will be chosen by Archive, and up to 4 brewers will have their recipe brewed commercially and put on tap at Archive for their People's Choice award.

American Brown Ale according to the BJCP:

Overall Impression
Can be considered a bigger, maltier, hoppier interpretation of Northern English brown ale or a hoppier, less malty Brown Porter, often including the citrus-accented hop presence that is characteristic of American hop varieties.

A strongly flavored, hoppy brown beer, originated by American home brewers. Related to American Pale and American Amber Ales, although with more of a caramel and chocolate character, which tends to balance the hop bitterness and finish. Most commercial American Browns are not as aggressive as the original homebrewed versions, and some modern craft brewed examples.
The fineprint:
  • Entrants must be financial members of BABBs
  • Entries will consist of one 750ml unmarked glass or PET bottle
  • Up to two different beers may be entered per brewer
  • Entries are due at April meeting, results announced at May meeting
  • Entries must be full mash and good notes are to be kept so beers can be scaled up if chosen
  • Consider commercial viability - recipe may not be brewed if too expensive, too alcoholic, or can’t source ingredients (ie, do not use home-grown hops if you want a chance of it going on tap!)

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