Anyone conveted a forward venting underbench drinks fridge to a kegerator?

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Hi All,
I'm in need of a new kegerator that will ultimately end up being integrated into a simple against the wall bar in an internal living area. Ideally underbench with font installed in benchtop etc.
Australia's off the shelf kegerators dont seem well suited to this application - the heat exchangers are on the side and they require 100mm clearance either side and they are quite deep - requiring a deep benchtop / counter top
I'm just wondering if anyone has successfully utilised a more purposebulit underbench drinks fridge for kegerator duty?
I'm looking for a neat finish to go in a living area (as opposed to a man cave or garage). Noise is also a consideration.
Ideally looking for 3 beer cornys plus a corny for continuous sparkling water
Below are a couple of examples of 208l front venting fridges - I'm sure there are more out there
Any advice appreciated


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