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Hi all,

I've just been inspired to get into brewing after spending the last two weeks travelling around Tassie and up in the Hunter Valley, sampling both beers and wines. I used to brew beer when I was a student quite a few years ago and was bought a Coopers brew kit for Christmas. I'm originally from Yorkshire in the UK but have been here in Oz for 2 years now. I'm particularly interested in brewing up some Yorkshire style bitters that I've been missing greatly.

I'm quite keen on diving into the deep end and giving partial mash or all grain brewing a try. Is there much value in spending time with the standard home brew kits? I remember being pretty successful with the kits but to be honest, it doesn't appeal greatly now as it feels like I'm just following instructions rather than having any significant input into the process. I'm quite used to mixing up chemicals, dealing with temperature control as I'm a film photographer too and have a dark room that I do my own development and printing so don't feel like I'd be going into this completely blind!

Anyway, looks like there's a wealth of knowledge on this forum. I'd be keen to get to talk to any Sydney brewers for local advice on gear, supplies etc.!




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Doubt you will be able to produce Yorkshire type bitters from kits here unless you can find Muntons. Suggest you think about BIAB as the easiest introduction to all grain. Also wait for BribieG he is the guru on all brews Northern English.