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After sipping on a few James Squires Amber Ales last night at my local pub, I have decided to try and make something like it... Pretty new to it all, used to making The Country Brewers recipes....but I was thinking I'd try something like the following:

2kg Liquid DME
1Kg Morgans Caramalt
500gm Crystal Grain
500gm Dextrose
30gm Cluster
20gm Willamette
Safale yeast starter

Make yeast starter the day before
Seep Crystal at 70*C for a 30 mins, then drain into brew pot.
Disolve dextrose in brew pot
Boil for about an hour, adding 10gm of cluster after 15mins, another 10gm after 30mins, and another 10gm after 45mins. At 55mins add 20gm of Willamette. Then take off heat and add all malts and disolve.
Ice bath to cool to 20*C
Fill with quality water to 20L
Pitch yeast starter and ferment between 18 and 20*C
Rack to secondary when ready.

Am I on the right track? Any Tweaks or changes that should be made?
Should I drain the hop pellets after the boil or let them ferment? Better to use a grain bag?
Should I give a diacetyl rest before racking to a secondary? Or is that just a lager thing?
Should I Cold Condition it?


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