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Plan on brewing something like this in the next couple of weeks
Heres the plan
An American Pale Ale is What i was after but i have yeast to make a Californian Common as well

I want to make a American pale Ale And a Californian Common beer out of the same Grist and boil hops
Dry hop and hop back can and will be different(APA cascade)(Cal Common Nth Brewer im not sure yet if it needs it)
Can also split the batch at the end of boil( for flavour and aroma)
But cannot split the boil or mash

The plan so far is for 80 Lt
Will be splitting Batch in 2 for fermentation
40 Lt APA
40Lt Californian Common beer or something similar
IBU 45.2 ( on the edge of destruction but i use hop socks so it should be a bit lower)
(IBU and EBC just scrape into style Guide lines according to Beer Smith)
EBC 26.9 ( bordering on an American Amber Ale)
OG 1048
Mashed @67'C in 2.8 lt/Water

56.25% 9 KG Briess Ale
15.62% 2.5 KG JW Light Munich
10.94% 1.5 KG Victory
6.25% 1KG JW Amber
4.68% .750KG TF Crystal 60L
3.13% .5 KG CaraPils
3.13% .5 KG JW Dark Crystal

60 g Cascade 60min 15.2 ibu
30g Cascade 50 min 7.1 ibu
30g Cascade 40min 8.7 ibu
30g Nth Brewer 40min 5.8 ibu
30 g Nth Brewer 20 min 4.1 Ibu
30g Nth Brewer 10 min 2.3 ibu
30g Nth Brewer 5 min 1.9 ibu
30g Nth Brewer 0 min

APA hop back 60 g Cascade
Cal Common I dont think i will use the hop back( pretty sure)
APA will be dry hopped with 60 g Cascade
Californian Commom dry hopped with 30 g Nth Brewer

APA Wyeast 1272 Slurry
Cal Common Wyeast 2112 Fresh stepped Starter

I know i will not nail both styles at once
But i think i could come close
Cascade being a favorite hop of of mine and many others
Nth Brewer being a favorite hop of my extract days
I should end up with beers i will enjoy no matter what (help me nail the two)

Pretty sure no one has tried this before in the same mash and boil
But ideas and opinion on the different styles and how to mix them would be great

I know about the All Nth Brewer for Cal Common to be to style
And the big CCC's for APA
But i think the last Addition at 40 min of Cascade will only change the perception of bitterness not the flavour???
(or just enough to miss style with Cal Common)
The experienced might disagree

The Grist should be pretty good (ideas welcome )to blend the two
The hops is where i was after some opinions
I know not many people have thought about this
But your ideas and opinions on the different styles would be great( has anyone got a great Cal Common)
Everyone has done an APA ,Cal Common some have done
How and if can i blend the two together i'm not sure
But i think i will come out with at least an APA ( hop dependent The Nth brewer Cascade still interchangable )
Any help would be oarsome
Ive come to a dead end with ideas for this one (these two)


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Bumping this one
Thinking about doing a small side boil with Cascade for the APA 3-4lt of wort
For 30 min or so (30-10-5-0)


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I can't help with the actual question, so this is more than totally :icon_offtopic: .

In your post title I think you mean "cum" rather than "come", but please don't google it.

Happy brewing.


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How about less hopping in the main boil and separate the halves for different flavor and aroma hopping according to style?

The style description for cal common suggest similar profile to apa but woody, minty hops and not citrus hops. And the different yeasts.

I would no chill the two beers with a bittering addition to say 20/25 ibus and then separately do the later hopping in a mini boil etc. you could even omit some of the crystal and steep it during this stage for one beer to be darker.


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Sounds good will consider that splitting the boils
Was trying to squeeze it out in one boil
But realized i couldnt
Come with small side boil with Cascade
So far
Thanks Mate


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Anyone want to pick some bones with this

9kg briess 2 row
2.5 kg JW munich light
1.75 kg Victory
1kg Amber malt
.75kg Carared
.5 JW dark crystal
.5 Carapils

Californian Common beer APA 10 lt drained off main boil

20G warrior 60min 20g citra and simcoe 30min
30g n.brewer 60min 20g citra/simcoe 20min
30. n.brewer 30min 15g citra/simcoe 10 min
30g n.brewer 10min 15g citra/simcoe 5 min
30g n.brewer 5min 15g citra/simcoe 0 min
30g n.brewer 0min 15g citra/simcoe dry hopped


20g Simcoe and Citra 30 min
20g simcoe/Citra 20 min
15g Simcoe/Citra 10 min
15g Simcoe/Citra 5 min
15g Simcoe/Citra 0 min
15g Simcoe /Citra Dry hopped

Grain bill for 80 lt
10lt to be drain and boiled on the side
40lt of Cal Common from main boil wit NBrewer
APA 10lt to be added back to 30 lt from main boil (Will top up boil as needed)
to make 40 lt of each of OG around 1050

IBU around 37 for Cal Common
APA around 42 IBU

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