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All In Brewing Session Ale- Increasing Alcohol

Discussion in 'Kits & Extracts' started by Brown_hound, 15/8/19.


  1. Brown_hound

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    Posted 15/8/19
    Hey all, long time no speak.

    Have been out of brewing for ages now and am keen to get started again.

    In the meantime- to wet the lips, just bought one of these fresh wort kits from All In Brewing.

    My problem is I've stuffed up as I wanted about a 4.8% ABV Beer upon completion.

    Has anybody tried this one before? I'm looking to ramp up the sugars to get desired alcohol but no idea what it's profile is like...

    Would I be ok with Dextrose or should I flick some DME in it instead?

    Could somebody please plug the numbers into Beersmith for me?

    Wort is 15lt @ 1.051
    It gets diluted to 20lt before fermentation.

    Estimate on website is for 3.5% ABV and I'm after around 5.0%

    Any takers??

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. razz

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    Posted 15/8/19
    Hi B_H. Assuming the diluted wort would be 1.038 @ 20 lts then I get 790g of table sugar using the Beersmith beverage back sweeten tool. I didn't have dextrose as an option. I think you can assume it will be the same as table sugar.
    Edit. I forgot to say that this will give you a 1.051 SG.

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