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Hey guys,

Been lurking around the site for a while now but haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Darren, I'm a full-time student at ECU Bunbury and I also work as a beer promoter for Little Creatures. I've been dormant on this site for a while, I went off brewing because I had a bad experience with my last few batches, which were all kit beers. It wasn't so much the fact that I was unhappy with making kit beer, but that I had problems with storing bottled carbonating beer (lack of fridge space too). The 33 degree temperatures in my flat meant over-carbonation issues and it was generally hap-hazard. So since then I've been reading more about brewing and have invested in some simple BIAB and kegging equipment. It felt like the natural step.

I love ales mostly, have never had a full appreciation for lagers (except Coney Island Lager, phenomenal beer) and my favourite style is Pale Ale. I have been lucky enough to visit the majority of breweries around the south-west of WA, to entertain my insatiable lust for good craft beer. My main influences are the beers from Fullers (London Porter is one of my favourites), LC (of course), big/trappist beers such as Chimay and La Trappe, all the interesting Moondog beers, Brewdog (politically charged creativity), James Squire, and Sail & Anchor. I also try to source obscure beers from Perth regularly (Cantillion Kriek and Uncommon Brewers Bacon Porter were two memorable ones).

If anyone from Bunbury stumbles across the thread I'd be happy to do a swap of brews once I have some down :)



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