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Hi all

I have just pitched a Milkshake IPA FWK with Danstar New England Yeast made by Grain and Grape. The website (Fresh Wort Kit - Milkshake | Grain and Grape) says that fruit can be added at High Krausen which I expect will be somewhere around Sunday.

This is my first time adding fruit to a brew and so I am thinking I may go with 1KG of mango. What I am wondering is whether there are any do's and don'ts when it comes to adding the fruit.

Immediately springing to mind would be to possibly add the fruit once it has defrosted to avoid shocking the yeast.....or would this possibly introduce bacteria?
Should the fruit be added in a sanitised hop sock or would this not really matter?

The fermentation is being done in a 30L fermzilla and I plan to allow the pressure to build up to 10PSI once fermentation starts (which I think it may have just kicked off).

Any pointers on anything to do with fruit additions would be gratefully received.

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