Added finings possibly before fermentation finished?

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I'm doing my first lager, using my temperature controlled freezer (12C) for the first time.
It's been 2 weeks since pitching the yeast, OG was 1.042 and has already gone through the stages of furious airlock bubbling, then eventually no bubbling and surface bubbles/krausen clearing.

Today (2 week mark) I got over-eager and figured "looks good!" and mixed up some finings and added to the wort with the intention of bottling in the next 1-2 days.
At this point I realised I hadn't actually bothered to take another gravity reading and was panicked to see it was only 1.020 and seemingly a fair number of tiny bubbles on the hydrometer.

It was a cerveza kit and I used a 1KG brew booster for sugars (see

Basically after 2 weeks is my lager only half-way fermented or is that 1.020 reading expected with that sugar?
Now that the finings have been added, if fermentation wasn't finished is it (forcibly) finished now?
Will my poor wife be cleaning up 30 bottles of exploding mexican beer?