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yankee brewer

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G'day mates! Sorry for my rather extensive absence from this group! I've been a little busy with life-sustaining stuff unrelated to beer (yes, I'm afraid I've discovered there actually IS life-sustaining stuff and activities other than beer and brewing... blasphemy??? perhaps. True nonetheless... Who'dathunkedit???).

In any case, I remember some of you blokes posting some info on casting your own tap handles out of acrylic. Could someone be so kind as to point me in the right direction of those posts??? I need to fabricate a part for my other hobby out of acrylic and I believe I might be able to do it with those instructions.

You all will of course forgive me for even HAVING another hobby aside from brewing and drinking beer but, (crazy Ozzies!) life in the States is a little different I suppose. ;).

Anyway, I'm sure some of you are curious-- rightfully so-- about just what the bloody hell could POSSIBLY be as important as BEER!!??? So, here's the link to my project:

Please be aware, these people are as dedicated to reefkeeping and as geeked-out on it as we are about beer. So it is sort of like visiting another planet if you "ain't from around these parts". But homebrewers and reefgeeks share AT LEAST one trait in common-- we are champion inventors and fabricators!!! So in that we are all brethren. If any of you Ozzies have any input into this project, please feel free to post it or email me or whatever.


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I started to get in to aquariums but it never came together because of the dollars it took to get it started, one day I'll get around to it though. I visited this website a lot when I was learning about aquariums ( it's an australian website dedicated to aquariums, it's loaded with information.

as for the acrylic tap handles, I can't help you... but it'd be interested in finding out some details :)

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