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750 Ml Crown Seal Bottles

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Attention all,

Anyone interested in Crown Seal bottles either stubbies or long necks and on the rare occasions even Grolsch bottles, I have a mate who owns a recycle yard and gets them in from time to time if you want some crown seal bottles let me know.
Prices are as follows;
$20 for 30 750ml bottles
$35 for 60 750ml bottles
$50 for 90 750ml bottles
$70 for 120 750ml bottles
$100 for 180 750ml bottles

I currently have 90 750ml CUB (brown) crown seal bottles in my possession if anyone is interested, live in Sydney area. $50 for the lot (I donot make anything out of this either just another brewer looking out for other brewers) can contact me direct on my E-Mail if you wish [email protected]


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